Security and confidentiality of data is our highest priority. Data encryption during transmission is its very important element. We recommend using one of two solutions to communicate with us.

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio ( is a traditional solution that uses two keys – public to encrypt data and private to decrypt them. If you would like to send us encrypted information, please install the program and add our public key available for download at the link.

After encryption, a file will be created with the extension .pgp, which will be read only by the recipient whose public key was used to encrypt the message. Please attach it to the message instead of the original (unencrypted) file.

If the message is to be readable only by employees of one department, please use the THOMAS Accounting or THOMAS Payroll key.

In order to enable sending encrypted messages to us, please generate a set of keys (public and private) and send us your public key. We will attach it to our repository and we will use it to send encrypted messages. You will be able to read them using your private key.

Specfile ( ) is a solution that encrypts and decrypts messages on its own server and eliminates the need to have key pairs.

If you would like to send us encrypted information, please install the program available on the website and register (free) on the server. After installation, the encryption option will be available in the context menu (right mouse button). During the operation, it will be necessary to enter the e-mail address of the person (you can also indicate several addresses) for which the file is intended. The encrypted message can only be read by the recipient (s) indicated in this way. The last step is to send the file. You can do them automatically from the encryption application or (in the case of large files) by attaching the encrypyted file to an e-mail message.

We are currently providing the transmission of messages encrypted with the help of this program to and, depending on their content.