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When paying for a service, we are accustomed to getting answers – answers to questions, reports and tables. In the case of Business Coaching, you are getting something often has an even greater value – good questions.

One client came to us with an interesting issue. He wondered how to determine the point at which he could or should hire a new employee. When we started working on this issue, it turned out that this was the smallest of the challenges in our client’s company. Those much more significant related to the essence of his business, areas of developments, areas in which the client already earns a profit or those where this is not yet the case, how to reward employees, what customers to choose to cooperate with.

We have adopted a unique formula for action. We agreed on several sessions, during which we discussed the necessary areas of analysis, after which the client conducted them himself. During the next meeting we discussed the results obtained, lessons learned and further analysis or action to be performed. This approach allowed our client to take a fresh, more analytical look at the company than before, and optimally use the budget for advisory services. It was then that our client pointed out the fact that the service we provide in essence is not consulting but business coaching.

Although the adopted formula does not fully fit the definition of coaching, it proved to be perfect not only for this client, but also a few others. Will you become one of them?

After consulting with Tomasz Wiklinski I gained a completely different perspective on my business.

Experience, practice and professionalism. I recommend.

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