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THOMAS Sp. z o.o. was established in 1993 as THOMAS TV Sp. z o.o. The first activity of the company was the installation and maintenance of cable television networks, and the first projects were realized for ELEKTRIM TV Sp. z o.o. These experiences allowed us to gain practical knowledge in realization of investments, making inventory and accounting for it.

The next stages of our development were closely related to accounting and finance. Working with other clients we gained the experience, among others, of organizing the circulation of documents, consolidation of financial statements, corporate reporting and others.


Bożena Wiklińska

Bożena Wiklińska

Partner at THOMAS Sp. z o.o.

Bożena Wiklińska learned the ins and outs of the accounting profession in the Secondary School of Economics No. 1 in Warsaw.

She gained her professional experience in PTTK, APIS clothing plant, FATA, Silesia Film, Elektrim TV, etc., both in entry-level and executive positions.

In 1994, she joined THOMAS sp. z o.o., where with full commitment she supports clients in matters related to accounting issues. Bożena has an accountant certification issued by the Minister of Finance.

Bożena Wiklińska is a member of Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

Tomasz Wikliński

Tomasz Wikliński

CEO of THOMAS Sp. z o.o. and THOMAS TAX Sp. z o.o.

Tomasz Wikliński is a graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology and the MBA Program at the Kozminski University.

From the beginning of his career he has been associated with THOMAS sp. z o.o. He gained his first experience by working with Bożena Wiklińska, and then developed his skills in cooperation with international clients.

In 2006, Tomasz was entered in the list of tax advisers (entry no. 10505).

Since 2009, he was a member of the Board of the International Association of Professional Advisers, and in the years 2013-2019 its President. After integration with IAPA International he is a member of the EMEA Board.

At THOMAS sp. z o.o. and THOMAS TAX sp. z o.o., Tomasz supports clients in issues relating to operational optimisation of companies and tax issues.

Tomasz Wikliński is a member of Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

Our values

We help leaders and their businesses grow.

The key to success is a clear understanding of the company and its needs. We do this not only at the beginning of cooperation, but also during its course, in order to understand the changes occurring and to know what information may be needed on a regular basis.

Efficiency is an absolute necessity in a competitive economy. We focus on efficiency together with the client, because only together can you get the best effect. We know from experience that the lowest price does not mean lowest cost, as well as unconditional acceptance of all the expectations of one of the parties. Our job as professionals is to help you find the right way to achieve efficiency.

Nothing happens without people. They are the foundation of any organisation and its strength. They operate effectively when they have the appropriate conditions for work and development. We strive to provide these conditions.


    • We operate and make decisions in accordance with the law and contractual provisions
    • We honestly settle accounts with our clients and employees
    • We say what we do and do what we say

    • We respect the perspective of others
    • We respect the money spent by clients and care about the efficiency of their use
    • We care about relations with colleagues

    • We constantly improve our skills and update our knowledge
    • We look for the optimum way to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives
    • We actively use the quality management system
    • We ensure efficient communication with clients

    • We strive to understand the client’s business
    • We process information into knowledge
    • We use modern IT tools
    • We develop optimal models of cooperation

Family business

family business

Quality Management System

People make mistakes. Sometimes they are a source of great discoveries and inventions, however, much more often they are the cause unnecessary costs, worries and frustrations. People make mistakes. It is a truth which very often is difficult to accept. However, if we accept it, we will begin to find ways to limit their impact and eliminate in them in the future.

In 2007, we have implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. We continuously monitor emerging inconsistencies and improve processes to eliminate their causes. Every year, DAS Polska carries out an external audit to confirm the correctness of actions carried out by us in this area.

If you have comments regarding our work (both positive and negative) write to our Quality Manager (szj[@]thomas.pl). We will use them to improve our work for you.

IAPA International

Every day we meet new people and come up with new ways of developing our business. More and more often, we consider making a start abroad, but equally often we give up not having proper knowledge or fearing the high price of acquiring it.

IAPA International was created in response to these challenges. Our members and partners are present worldwide, supporting our clients in the areas of accounting, taxes and auditing. They also provide support in other issues related to starting and running a business abroad.

Cooperation with our international partners is also open to clients of other companies in the accounting and advisory sector, i.e. our competitors. We guarantee not to take steps to establish cooperation with their clients in the areas supported by these companies, focusing exclusively on international cooperation.

You can learn more about the IAPA International and find our partners on the organization’s website.

Registration data

THOMAS sp. z o.o., ul. Cicha 5, 00-353 Warszawa
KRS 0000036928, District Court for the capital city Warszawa XII Economic Department of the Domestic Court Register
NIP PL5270014598, REGON 010404630, share capital 50 000 PLN

THOMAS TAX sp. z o.o. the tax advisory company, ul. Cicha 5, 00-353 Warszawa
KRS 0000341577, District Court for the capital city Warszawa XII Economic Department of the Domestic Court Register
NIP PL5272615095, REGON 142105134, share capital 5 000 PLN

How can we help you?

    THOMAS sp. z o.o.
    ul. Cicha 5
    00-353 Warszawa

    tel. +48 (22) 862 88 00
    e- mail thomas@thomas.pl

    THOMAS TAX sp. z o.o.
    ul. Cicha 5
    00-353 Warszawa

    tel. +48 (22) 862 88 00
    e- mail thomas-tax@thomas.pl