Develop your team

We say that employees are the most valuable asset of the company. Support for personnel affairs is aimed to not only talk the talk but also to walk the walk.

With this service, our clients can not only ensure timely payment of wages, but also ensure their confidentiality (we offer several different levels of security) as well as provide employees with modern tools for documents work time, leave or receiving information about the components of remuneration (so-called payslips).

  • registration of new hires in ZUS Social Security system,
  • calculating salaries of employees, based in concluded agreements and additional records (e.g. overtime, holidays, etc.),
  • calculating salaries for employees for the periods of incapacity to work,
  • filing with ZUS documentation relating to payment of benefits for periods of incapacity to work, if the benefits are paid by ZUS,
  • calculating contributions for social insurance and health insurance of employees as well as income tax on salaries,
  • determining net amounts to be paid to employees,
  • drafting declarations of due Social Security contributions and payroll tax for the tax office,
  • drafting annual reports on employee salaries and withholding income tax paid,
  • transfers of salaries with additional security levels,
  • e-employee.