But he was my most trusted man !!!

Our client was a company running a restaurant chain. When we started their service, the accounting was kept very simply – all revenues and costs were recorded without division into restaurants. It was enough for tax settlements, and the owner, Karol, knew his business in detail, and he did not need additional accounting information.

Nevertheless, we suggested to him that at the beginning of the next year he should introduce a change in the accounting system and divide all revenues and costs into individual restaurants. As you can guess, Karol was very skeptical – what would it matter if he knew and had everything under control.

Ultimately, he stated: “If you want to make your work difficult, do it, I don’t need it.” So we started working together. Together, because Karol also had additional work to do – describing the documents with identifiers of the restaurants they related to, if it did not result directly from the documents.

We proudly presented Karol with the results for January. He looked at them and commented: “I told you it was a non-sense. Look – in these two restaurants, what you show makes sense. I have a loss here. I’m not sure if it is, but it can be. But here (he pointed to the fourth result) it’s just bullshit. There is definitely a profit, not a loss. You better check it again. ”

We checked and the documents showed the same results as presented. Moreover, in February the situation repeated. Karol was a wise man and he knew there had to be something to do.

When we met to discuss the March results, he did not hide his emotions. “Mr. Tomasz (then we were still on” Mr. “), it was my most trusted man in the company! And he carried the meat out of the restaurant with whole bags! ” After seeing the results we presented, he installed cameras in the restaurant and saw what the manager of that restaurant was doing, actually one of his the most trusted people. As it turned out later, not only the manager, but also some employees.

The decisions were made quickly. After the introduced personnel changes, we have prepared data for Karol for the next month. This time he smiled – they were exactly what he expected.