We have such a rule …

It was Wednesday afternoon. Once again I met Mr. Marek, whom I got to know through a mutual friend. Mr. Marek ran a company that sold products for farmers. He faced a very serious challenge – the chief accountant who had been keeping the company’s accounting from the very beginning retired, and there was no one in the company to replace her. Actually he couldn’t do it yet – one of the accountants was Marta, a very talented and promising person, who at that time had too little preparation to take over this role.

The idea of ​​cooperation was simple – we were to take over the role of the company’s Chief Accountant for 1-2 years and help Marta prepare for it.

We agreed on the financial terms of cooperation at the very beginning, but there was one more issue that remained unresolved during the first two meetings:

  • Mr. Tomasz, we have such a rule that a person employed as the Chief Accountant must be employed on the basis of an employment contract,
  • Mr. Marek, I understand, this is a very good rule. We, on the other hand, have a rule that we cooperate only on a business-to-business basis, because then we can provide proper service *.
  • Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, …

* the reason for our approach is very simple – single people tend to be unreliable, go on vacation, sometimes get sick and there are problems with the performance. If you establish cooperation with a company, its task is to ensure the continuity of service.

For the third time, we started a well-known conversation. It has become such a new secular tradition. This time, however, after “well, well, well, well …” Mr. Marek said, “please prepare a draft contract”.

We signed the contract and went to work. Marta was very talented indeed and learned fast. You can only envy such a person in the team. In a short time, she supplemented her competences and could become the Chief Accountant. Our cooperation, however, was not over yet – Marta was not only a talented accountant, but also a young married woman and gave birth to two wonderful children. At the time when she was bringing them up, we again acted as the Chief Accountant. When she came back we handed over the stick permanently.